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Can Employees Pick Up Overlapping Shifts?

No, WhenToWork tries to prevent employees from being “double booked”.  So when an employee clicks on an open shift that overlaps any time of a shift they are already assigned, we do not display the link to request picking it up.

They can click the link to message the manager about that shift instead, and they can ask that the manager assign them to that shift and override the warning that it overlaps.



She gets the error message that states “You cannot pick up this shift because you already have another shift at the same time”.  How can I set it that she can pick up any shift even if it rolls into her already scheduled shift?  double book employee pick up shift same time 

add an open shift, and someone is already assigned to work that during that day/ time frame, they are not allowed to request to work the shift I posted.

Is there a setting I can change to over ride this function