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– Move Data Between Accounts

We do not offer a method to automatically transfer employees or schedule data between accounts or merge accounts.

If you start with one of your existing accounts (perhaps the one with the most employees) and add or upload the employees from the other account there, then those existing employees will not need a new login. 

If you navigate to the Employee List in the account you’re abandoning, you can export them into a CSV file and then upload that file into the new account, using the Upload feature on the EMPLOYEES > List Employee page of the new account. Your employees will be given new logins and will have to sign in to set them up, choosing usernames and entering preferences, etc.

This process will not transfer the full employee records, so you or your employees will have to manually enter their preferences/availability, time off data, and all schedule constraints and information etc. and sent messages from their other accounts will be lost.


.utilize that original template that was already built
split accounts 
How can we move employees without losing preferences and approved time off under different linked accounts
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