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“Work Assistant” Skill for Alexa – Voice Commands


Once you have set up the Alexa “Work Assistant” – 

Here are some examples of what you can ask Alexa “Work Assistant”…

“What’s new.”
“Give me a status.”
“Recent events.”
“What happened in the last 10 days.”
“When is my next shift.”

“When is my next shift.”
“What’s my next shift”
“Tell me about my next shift”
“What are my upcoming shifts.”
“Tell me about my shifts today, tomorrow, or Friday.”
“What is my schedule this week, (or next week).”
“Next shift.”

“Who else is working today, or tomorrow, or Friday.”
“Who is on now, or later.”
“Who is on now in position [position-name].”

Time Off
“When is my next time off.”
“What’s my time off this week, (or next week).”

“Read messages.”
“Send a message to my manager, or to [name].”
“Read messages, get messages, or message list.”
“Send a message to my manager, or Send a message to person by-name.”

Information – Help
“My information.”
“What are my options.”
“Reset tips.”
“Read it to me.”
“Send it to me.”
“Email it to me.” (for longer lists)

If you want to hear the same information again, just say REPEAT.

By the way, if you just want to ask one question, you can say for example, “Alexa, ask work assistant what are my shifts today.”