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About Alexa “Work Assistant” Skill

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Now available in United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

Just go to your Info page to connect.

If you use Alexa on any device you may like trying our new “Work Assistant” Skill for Alexa!  One more way to know when to work!

We would love to get your feedback and suggestions!

You can use it to be notified or find out your schedule – who you are working with on certain days and  listen to or send messages and much more.



Here are just a few of the things you can do:

“When is my next shift.”
“Tell me about my next shift”
“Tell me about my shifts today, tomorrow, or Friday.”
“What is my schedule this week, (or next week).”
“Who else is working today, or tomorrow, or Friday.”
“Who is on now, or later.”
“Read messages.”
“Send a message to my manager, or Send a message to person by-name.”

See the full list of voice commands.

Please see our help pages with more information about how to quickly set it up and email with your feedback.