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My window turns blue & does not close

Each time you make a change in a popup screen, our system sends a command to the screen below to Refresh the information to reflect the change you just made. Sometimes your browser can lose track of the parent screen’s information so when the popup sends the Refresh command, it cannot find the parent screen and therefore leaves the blue screen up to indicate the command was not properly completed. Note that your data changes are always saved, and this is merely an issue with your browser not refreshing the bottom window automatically.

Usually this refresh problem is due to instability in your browser (most often Internet Explorer), and a restart of your computer fixes the problem. However, if you have restarted and the problem is still occurring, it may be due to Adware or Spyware running on your computer. You might try using our system on another computer to find out if the problem is isolated to your computer system. If both computers have the problem, please let us know. If you do not have this problem on the second computer, we recommend running anti-spyware programs like Spybot or AdAware (both are free) to scan your first computer to detect spyware that may be adversely affecting your internet browsing.

Since your data is always saved, the blue screen problem can be worked around by just closing the popup blue screen and clicking the screen’s Refresh button manually after a change.