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Need to Reset password regularly?

In general, you should not have to change your password every time you sign in. What we believe might be happening is you may be entering your username incorrectly each time, which would then bring you to a page saying that your information was entered incorrectly and prompting you to have your sign in information emailed to you.

When you then receive your email, it shows your current username and gives a link to reset your password. Once you use that link to reset your password, it takes you into your account. You never have to enter your username, so you don’t notice that the one in the email is slightly different from the one you’ve been entering.

The next time you sign in, you’re still entering the wrong username, so you repeat the process again (and again and again).

Please review the username that is being sent in the email messages and make a note of its exact spelling (capitalization, etc.) and make sure to use that exact username when signing in – or go ahead and change it to something you’ll remember more easily next time.

Also note that if your browser has saved your username and is automatically filling in this field, the browser may have an extra space either before or after your username, and this is being read by our system as an incorrect username. If this is the case, simply remove the space and you should be able to sign in successfully.

If you still are having trouble please email with the username (not password) you are using, so that we can have our techs research this issue further.


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