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Trade & Pick Up Shifts

If your manager allows you to use the Tradeboard, you will see Trades in the top menu and on your home page. The Tradeboard allows you to trade shifts with other willing workers – (your trades may require manager approval before they are final).

pick up trade or unassigned shifts

When you click a shift in the schedule that you are qualified and available to work, or on the Tradeboard, you will see the Propose a Trade link.

If you want to offer to take this shift, click the “Pick Up This Shift” link to send the offer.

If you want to propose a trade of one of your shifts, click that shift link to send the offer to the other worker for their approval.

If your manager allows you to trade “At Will,” the trade goes into effect when the other worker accepts the offer. Your company may require that the manager approves trades before they become official and you will receive notification of the manager’s decision on the trade.

If you have requested a shift or to pick up an unassigned shift and your manager has not yet made a decision, you can cancel the request.

Always check your latest schedule online so you know exactly when you are scheduled to work!


How to pick up ahifts