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– Add Shifts Using Categories

If you have created Categories with any “Add Shift Default Settings,” these defaults will automatically appear when you choose a Category in the Add Shifts window. This can make adding similar shifts for different Positions much easier or it can be an easy way to pre-define begin and end times, paid hours, shift colors, etc. 

To Add Shifts using Categories

From any Schedule View: 

  • Click Add Shifts to open the Add Shifts window 
  • Before typing anything. choose a Category in the Category dropdown 
  • Any Category “Add shift defaults” ex. begin/end times or color, etc. will appear (any of the information can be changed for that particular shift) 
  • Enter any other desired information for the shift(s) 
  • Click Add Shift 

To test the Category and view the shifts

From any Schedule View 

  • In the Category dropdown, choose your new Category name (Be sure the Positions dropdown is set to All Positions) 
  • The Schedule View will now include only the shifts in that Category