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– Edit Employee Information

To EDIT an Employee’s information

From any page: 

  • In the top menu, click EMPLOYEES
  • Click the fields in the grid that you would like to change (Use the “Select Columns” link to display more columns)
  • Make the changes and click the Save button

employee grid select columns configure

  • OR Click the pencil icon pencil icon next to the employee name to open their Edit Employee window

employee grid edit employee pencil icon

  • Add/Change any details for the employee 
  • Click Save (or Save & Next to go to the next employee) 
  • Other options that are not required include: 

edit employee details optional info

If you allow your employees to sign in using their own username/password they can add/change many of their own details such as:

  • Phone numbers
  • Email & text message addresses and Notifications
  • Whether other employees can see their email or phone numbers
  • Address 
  • Work Time Preferences (if you allow employees to set them)
  • Cannot Work times (if you allow employees to set them) 
  • Positions Preferences (if you allow employees to set them) 
  • Note: Employees cannot edit their name