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  • Why don't I get my messages by e-mail?
    If your e-mail has been entered all of your WhenToWork messages and schedules are sent to you automatically. Messages can be found in the Messaging section and are also forwarded to your e-mail address.

    If e-mails are not getting through you should check the following:

    1) Log into your account and go to the Info>Notifications page to double check that your e-mail address is correct and be sure the checkbox is checked to forward your mail.

    2) Check your e-mail program to be sure it is accepting messages from and (note the number 2 in the address) and not putting those messages into your trash or spam folder.

    3) Try going to and entering your e-mail address. Your ID and password will be e-mail to you and you can confirm your mail program is accepting mail from our address.

    Note: If your email address is showing with "Invalid" at the beginning this means that messages send to that address were returned to us with a notice that no such e-mail exists. Remove the invalid address and reenter.

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